Rodopa Mountain

For every sense the Rodopa Mountain gives its gift – the eyes will be filled with colorful shades, there will be song singing in the ears, novel of mountain springs and silver ringing of bells, the lips will taste the crystal clear mountain water pouring out from the many fountains. Your soul will find peace and pleasure.

If we say that we could describe with words all of the charms of Rodopa Mountain, than we would be very courageous! Only when you see, hear, smell and feel with your senses and your soul, than you will understand that fairytales do exist and they can be experienced only here – in Rodopa Mountain.

The mountain of Orpheus and Evredika, the mountain of lyrical and mystical heroes, the mountain which skillfully combine centuries of harmony in which we as a people are living with the nature. When traveling through the Rodopa Mountain there will be wonderful nature phenomena in a sea of dark-green hills standing in your way. Here you will find: the wonderful bridges – one of the hundred national tourist sites; Trigradskoto jdrelo – canyon with length of more than 15 km, crossed with impressive vertical stone walls with height over 300 meters, cut through with the wildly Trigrad River; The Devil’s Throat cave – mysterious, enigmatic and still knowing its secrets; The Iagodinskata cave – the third in length cave in Bulgaria and longest in the Rodopa Mountain, it has three levels and many chambers; The Haramiiskata cave – situated in the region of Trigrad village, suitable for people with alpinist spirit; The Uhlovica cave – one of the underground palace of the Rodopa Mountain and it is only 3 km. away from the Mogilica village. One of oldest caves in Bulgaria, unique with its seven small crystal lakes; The Lakes of Smolyan – they are situated on the left slope of the valley of the Cherna River and north below the Rocks of Orpheus and Snejanka peak. The lakes are scattered throughout the entire valley, from the Rocks of Orpheus down to City of Smolyan. In the past the lakes where about 20, but today there are only 8 in a good shape and the others has transformed themselves into swamps: The Kerianovia Giol, the Milushevia Giol, the Silaja, the Osmanovia Giol, the Lagera (The Camp), the Grassy Lake, the Clear Lake and the Muddy Lake. The winter resort Pamporovo – the pearl of the Bulgarian resorts is situated in the heart of the Rodopa Mountain, 250 km. from the capital Sofia, 85 km. from Plovdiv and only 15 km. away from Smolyan.

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